How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpet and Hardwood Floor

Living with furry friends can fill your home with lots of hair, most especially when they are shedding. Robot vacuum cleaners have always provided a reliable way of getting rid of dog hair on the carpet as well as hardwood floors.How to choose robot vacuum for hardwood foloor – read here. These devices may be small but they are programmed to ensure that dog hair does not lurk around the house. They also get the job done in half the time.

As it is difficult to get rid of pet hair in one cleaning session a robot vacuum cleaner has advanced features that guarantee good cleaning. The fact that it can also detect change between surfaces makes it possible to clean accordingly. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you can relax, knowing that dog hair around the house will not be a concerning issue.

Here are other ways to get dog hair out of the carpet and hardwood floor:

Dampen and lightly sweep the carpet before vacuuming

When a ton of dog hair is embedded on the carpet, it is easy to get it off by dampening it then using a rubber broom to roll the hair into a ball. You can equally get rid of any odor that may be associated with the hair by using baking soda on your carpet and letting it sit for ten minutes before vacuuming. Remember, do not get your carpet too wet as most carpets do not dry too quickly.

Use a dampened mop for your hardwood floor

A damp mop easily picks up dog hair. This is because it acts like a magnet of sorts that instantly picks up pet hair. Always dry the floor thoroughly to avoid leaving behind pools of water that may be dangerous.

Use a window squeegee on the carpet

A window squeegee is not only meant for cleaning windows. It is also the perfect tool for removing dog hair from the carpet. It loosens the hair so that it becomes easy to remove. After a few swipes, you will have one big pile of dog hair.

Use a microfiber duster on hardwood

Needless to say, a microfiber is the best invention. A microfiber duster quickly attacks dirt, dust and dog hair. With a quick swish around the floor, you will be able to get rid of the dog hair. Its flexibility will also allow you to get to all the corners that are hard to reach.

Rake the carpet

A rake offers an inexpensive way to get rid of dog hair from your carpet. In one go, it will remove all the hair on the surface, without having to repeat the cleaning process multiple times. The long handle also means that you can work in a standing position. This will prevent you from getting tired easily.

Use a humidifier on the carpet

Humidifiers are devices that come in handy during the winter, especially for those who live in cold climates. Little did you know, these devices are also ideal for picking up dog hair on the carpet. They will keep loose fur from clinging to the carpet surface.

Wear microfiber slippers around the house

What if you could pick up dog hair from your hardwood floor or carpet just by walking around? Well, microfiber slippers make this possible! Although this may take longer than cleaning with a duster, they sure get the job done, just by walking around.

Minimizing Dog Hair Around The House

Even with dedicated cleaning, it may be challenging or even impossible to capture every strand of dog hair on your hardwood floor or carpet. Use the following ways to minimize the appearance of dog hair:

a) Groom your dog thoroughly

The easiest way to reduce shedding is by brushing your dog every day. You do not have to indulge in a long grooming session to get rid of a lot of lose fur. With the right kind of brush, you will remove any excessive hair within a short time.

b) Use good quality air filters

It is important to have high-quality air filter all around your home. This will automatically minimize the appearance of dog hair and decrease the need for frequent cleaning.

c) Give your dog regular baths

This keeps the shedding down. The physical act of lathering and rinsing removes a lot of lose dog hair.
Although dog hair gets everywhere, these tips will ensure that it does not remain on your carpet or hardwood floor. They also make picking up pet hair that much easier. You no longer have to wear your gloves, and be on your hands and knees looking for a long lasting hair removal solution.

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