How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

Maintaining vacuum cleaner is very important if you want to be able to clean your entire home using the same unit for years to come. Maintaining the cleaner is effortless. The most crucial part that you have to clean is the filter. You can prevent the cleaner from being clogged. If your filter is clogged, the dust will not get sucked perfectly.

The things you need to maintain your unit regularly are dry cleaning cloth, replacement filter, brush, vacuum maintenance cloth, replacement foam filter, and also replacement dirtbag.

1. Before you clean the parts, you should disconnect the vacuum cleaner from electrical outlet. It is to prevent electrical shock which is very risky.

2. After that, change the dirtbag with the new one. If your unit does not come with replacement dirtbag, you should clean the bag to use it again. You can discard the paper bag which is filled with dust.

3. Do not forget to wipe it using vacuum maintenance cloth which is specially designed to clean the vacuum cleaner.

4. If you have a single unit canister, you should change it carefully. You can do this by lifting the latches. Remember to wipe the parts and change the foam filter.

5. Clean all attachments using vacuum maintenance cloth.

6. Plug in the cord back to its previous setting.

After doing all those steps, your vacuum cleaner is ready to use. Just remember to clean it regularly if you want to keep using it for years to come. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the cost which you might have to pay if your unit is broken.

Little maintenance will be happy to keep it working. Do not worry about the maintenance because it is straightforward to accomplish and you do not take a long time to do it. Just use your spare time for regular maintenance. It will surely prevent costly repairs which commonly have to be done.

Some Of The Vacuum Filters

These types, upright models, lightweight cordless, handheld, and even those with cyclonic action, providing constant suction no matter what the circumstances. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these different kinds of vacuum cleaners, to help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Canister vacuums

The first one on the various vacuum cleaners is the canister vacuum. Canister vacuums are short vacuums, with long tubes and vacuuming head. These vacuum models are great for some things, like if you have large areas that need cleaning, but there are some disadvantages to them. Because of their massive size, they aren’t that great if you require to go up and down the stairs often. Their low profile restricts your reach, so it’s difficult to reach up close to the ceiling. Some models still have bags, which are cumbersome and difficult to change out.

2. Upright models

Other vacuum cleaners are the upright models. The advantages of these vacuum types are many are the new bagless models, with a container that collects the dust and debris, instead of a bag. Not only can you see when it’s full, you just remove the container, dump it and you’re back in business. These also have many different filters on them, including HEPA filters, to eliminate 99.99% of dust particles in the air. Because they are upright, they are much easier to lift when you are going upstairs, and they have a longer reach when it comes to using the attachments. Although they have powerful motors, they still get clogged up, and these filters have to be often checked. Even so, after a while, they tend to start losing their suction power. While they may have attachments for a variety of different applications, some of these are cumbersome and hard to use.

3. Cyclonic Vacuum

Then there are the cyclonic vacuum cleaners. These vacuum models have powerful motors and work in a way, so they never lose suction, no matter how full they are, or how old they are. These to have HEPA filtration systems, are bagless, and there are an abundance of different styles to choose from, including handheld models. One of the biggest disadvantages of these vacuum cleaners is that they are expensive, and even the cheapest products can be well over three to four hundred dollars.

Some of the most popular vacuum cleaners are the lightweight cordless vacuums. Some of these are just like upright vacuum types, except they are much smaller. Others are handheld vacuums. These are very advantageous because you can take them out for spot cleaning, or for use in your RV. The handheld models have a variety of different purposes, from cleaning stairs, sucking cobwebs out of high corners, and even out in your car or truck. While these are quite convenient, they don’t have very powerful motors, nor do they have a very long usage time before they have to be recharged.

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