How to clean hardwood floors

Nowadays hardwood floors have become very popular. They tend to have unsurpassed natural and gorgeous beauty. Some of the features that make wood flooring very popular include; trap less dust, easy to clean, less likely to stain, does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning and have fewer odors among others. Hardwood floors are durable depending on the quality of the wood used and ideal for any type of room. It is very crucial to maintain and protect your flooring by regularly and effectively cleaning them.

Before cleaning your floor, it’s important to determine the type involved and the kind of cleaning needed. The daily cleaning schedule is done to protect the floor against damage and scratches. They involve less and easier techniques, for example, brooms and microfiber cleaning pads. Weekly schedules involve the use of vacuums and wet mops as they are perfect for removing dirt out of areas like corners.

Different types of Hardwood Floors and tips on how to clean them

1. Maple floors

Maple consists of closed-grained like pattern. They are outstanding due to their dent-resistant structure. They add beauty to a room and take less effort to clean and preserve. Maple floors can be cleaned using the following technique.
• Use a broom to gently sweep up any kind of debris or a vacuum for bigger messes.
• Use a spray bottle either containing water or a solution to lightly and carefully mist a microfiber mop and then clean the floor.
• Use a damp cloth to remove stains.
• Rinse the floor after cleaning is finished.

2. Cherry floors

Cherry floors are beautiful and need regular and effective cleaning. Use the following guidelines to clean cheery floors.
• Sweep the floor not less than one time a week to prevent the buildup of dust and dust.
• Dust mop the floor. This will help clean the dust and dirt left after sweeping.
• Mop the floor. You may use liquids made to clean this type of floor. Avoid use of harsh chemicals as the can ruin it.
• If your floor is sealed, it’s important to wax it every two-three months. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying wax.

3. Bamboo floors
Bamboo floors are treated with a scratch-resistant coating. It is very tough, strong and resistant to water.
• Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove sand, dirt or grit.
• Dry mop the floor.
• Clean the floor with a fresh rag, slightly dampened with water.
• Use hardwood floor cleaners for general cleaning procedures.
• Never wet-mob the floor as it can cause permanent damage.

4. Mesquite floors
Mesquite floors are high in character and mineral streaks. They are popular for their strength, beauty, density, and tenacity. They are stable, durable, and resistant and thus it requires little attention to maintain. How should you clean mesquite floors?
• Clean and wipe immediately to prevent stains.
• Vacuum and dust the floor regularly to ensure maximum beauty is upheld and also to make sure dirt doesn’t build up.
• Use a lightly damped cloth to clean.
• Avoid exposure to water.

5. parquet floors
Parquet floors consist of small pieces of wood, much thinner and smaller than the standard wood. They are affordable, good looking and durable. Due to their material, they should be treated with delicately. They can be cleaned using the following methods.
• Vacuum the entire floor to remove sand, dirt, and dust. It also helps in loosening dirt for easier scrubbing later.
• Use a broom to clean and remove small particles left by the vacuum cleaner.
• Clean the floor using a damp mop using water and use as a little moisture as possible. Use parquet designed cleaner if the dirt is not fully coming out.
• Rinse the floor and dry using a towel.

Use caution when using mild removers, cleaners, and bleaches that contain strong chemicals as they can discolor or damage the floors.

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