Cleaning your home windows

Windows are very important in the house structure. They serve many purposes such as ensuring proper ventilation of the house and bringing in light into the house. They also allow us to see what is going on in the outside world. It is therefore important to keep the windows clean at all times. Clean windows will also definitely reflect on your general cleanliness to an outsider who is passing by your house.

Cleaning windows will increase the look and feel of both the exterior and interior of your home. However, this process may be a bit stressful as they are smooth surfaces and therefore tend to collect a lot of dirt. Cleaning may also be tricky because finding the right cleaning equipment is difficult, leaving your windows streaky and unappealing. It is therefore important to find the correct equipment to clean both the exterior and interior.

How to clean home windows:

To clean your windows properly, you will need the following:
1. Squeegee
2. Window cleaning solution. You can use a professional detergent or some liquid dish soap. A mild soap is used to break down the grease that may have accumulated on the windows.
3. Strip washer or scrubber
4. Some lint free cloths i.e. micro fibers – These are special types of clothes which do not give up any fluff when used.
5. Extension pole (optional)
6. Scrapper

Important points to note before beginning the process:

1. Cleaning the exterior of the windows will be more difficult. This is due to the build-up of dirt, grease and even baked-on bugs. It is therefore important to begin by cleaning the exterior and work your way to the interior in order to prevent the debris from the exterior from spreading to the interior.

2. You may also want to gently scrape off some of the build-ups using a scraper or a white scouring pad beforehand to avoid damaging your windows. If you try and wash the windows while some of the hard build up is still there, you may end up smearing it creating an even bigger mess. It is also important to note that green and brown scouring pads should not be used as they will damage your windows.

3. Clean from the top to the bottom. This ensures that you are pushing down the mess instead of spreading it from side to side.

4. Another important point to note about window washing is that the water needs to be changed regularly. If the water gets too dirty, you may end up spreading the dirt more instead of getting it clean. Your windows will also end up very streaky.


1. Once you have all your equipment ready, fill your bucket with some warm water and add some few squirts of dishwashing soap. Do not use a lot of soap to avoid bubbles from forming.

2. Dip your scrubber into the soapy solution and then squeeze off the excess water back into the bucket.

3. Scrub the entire length of your window using the scrubber.

4. Using your clean cloth. Wipe the top frame of your windows from left to right.

5. Now using the squeegee, wipe off the excess soap starting from the top left corner of the window and slowly moving towards the bottom right corner. You can dry off the squeegee using a chamois. If your windows are too small for a squeegee to fit, you can use a sponge.

Cleaning windows is an activity that should be done regularly. It is quite an easy task if you have the right tools. You should, therefore, invest in the right tools to make your work easier and end up with clean and beautiful windows.

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